The most amazing introduction. Ever.

This won’t really be amazing, or even that interesting, but I felt that I had to begin somewhere, and writing ‘The Beginning’ or ‘Introduction’ is not really going to big up this blog, though it is my first and I really don’t have anything to live up to, at all. I feel I should at least highlight what is going to be on this blog, therefore I can establish an audience, you can see whether anything on this will be personally worth reading, or not. In all fact I would love everyone to read this, in an ideal world, but since that is obviously impossible I’d like to think that anything I write on here could be for anybody; that is, anybody who speaks/reads the English language fluently, otherwise there may be some boundaries. I aim to post on here regularly, about anything I may find interesting, whether it is drawn from the news, social media or just general everyday life. I hope that will be something of interest.

I find a passion with writing, particularly things I find of great interest, as well as original writing, as I find it leaves a lot of room for creativity. I believe words can create anything you’d like them to, whether it is an amazing world inside a person’s imagination, or some hope and faith that comes from reading others’ experiences and stories about issues, that allows people to connect with one another. I think that is the most fascinating thing about words; being able to connect, whatever background an individual may have, wherever they are.

I hope this is an interesting enough introduction to my style of writing, and I hope it also gives an insight somewhat into the kind of things I will be writing and discussing. I look forward to continuing this, and hope others will also!